A Python module that allows rapid prototyping of GUIs via Tkinter


The Tk Command Language (tkCoLa) is a Python module which allows rapid creation of GUI's for functions written in Python. It is essentially a simplified interface to the Tkinter module (which is in turn, an interface to the Tk/Tcl 8.0 library), that allows entry of values by the user and passage of the values to the specified functions in Python. This is especially useful for creation of programs which require a great deal of flexibility and are likely to be changed or added-to frequently. It also works well for creation of basic user interfaces, as long as you don't want to get too fancy.

Implementation of tkCoLa is in two parts. An implementation of the Command_Structure class provides the initialization and interface to the commands. Commands are specified in an external command file which employs a simple, fairly rigid syntax to define the user interfaces for particular commands. Through the Command_Structure commands can be listed in a list box or in a command menu. Commands can be grouped into functional groupings and this may be reflected in the list or menu.


Tcl/Tk 7.2 or better
Tcl/Tk is required for the GUI and can be obtained from
Python 1.5 or better
tkCoLa has been tested with Python 1.5.2 and Python 2.1.1.
Python can be obtained from and must have the TkInter module enabled. Help for this is provided in the README file.


tkCoLa README File
tkCoLa Distribution
tkcola.tgz tarred/gzipped format of Version 1.0 beta


Documentation is included in the distribution and HTML-based documentation will be available soon.


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